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Stories of love, shared happiness, success
and friendship feed the soul of Masia Ribas.


Brides and grooms, parents, children, godparents, friends, brothers and sisters, colleagues…

...All of them have, in one way or another, chosen Masia Ribas to play a part in their story. A story we share here in small pieces, small experiences told by those who lived them. Because stories are nothing until they’re shared and they wanted to share them with all of you. Thanks!


    "Behind any personal project, there is always a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and hard work to make sure everything goes well and, above all, a job well done”

    PWell, Elisabet’s professionalism and savoir faire in turning what was once her family’s home into the best setting for our wedding is proof of that. Our time at Masia Ribas was simply exceptional. We have nothing but gratitude for what was an experience full of carefully planned details and dedication.

    But what we appreciated most, undoubtedly, was the feeling that we weren’t having a cookie-cutter wedding, that it was the first, the last, the only…a wedding that will never be repeated.

    Lali Arnau & Eduardo de Pfaff


    "Getting married at Masia Ribas was GREAT. If we had to do it all over, we would undoubtedly choose this fantastic place again. It might seem stereotypical or flippant, but the place is really beautiful, idyllic, and we love how they’ve restored it while maintaining all the charm of a country house from the 1700s. Not only was everything beautiful, but it was also impeccable! The bride, a perfectionist who can get worked up over the smallest detail not to her liking, didn’t have a single doubt or concern in choosing this location. The house is perfect! It’s esthetically perfect, a magical setting, but above all thanks to the person in charge, Elisabet, who conveys her dedication, peace of mind and understanding in planning your wedding, which is very important as the big day approaches and, of course, on THE DAY. These are just some of the reasons why we got married at Masia Ribas, and would do so again. Thank you so much for everything, Elisabet. We’re eternally grateful!"

    Paula & Alex


    A simply spectacular wedding

    Every detail of this beautiful fall wedding was carefully planned. We loved the impressive decoration on the appetizer buffets and the unique swing hanging in the hundred-year-old cedars. Lunch was served under a spectacular tent, perfectly integrated into the garden. The tables combined different shapes, place settings and table linens. A brilliant, elegant set-up that surprised the guests.


    A night to enjoy, to talk with friends and to have fun!


    We like different types of weddings. But what is always essential is a good dose of organization. Relaxed cocktail dinners with live music, day weddings in an easy-going setting… All of our guests’ food and service needs were amply covered in a relaxed setting. And live music for a magical night in the cedar garden at Masia Ribas.


    Event for bloggers and wedding planners


    One fall afternoon, bloggers and wedding planners enjoyed an event with the authentic vintage look we all like so much. Don’t miss the large table with cushions in our wine cellar, a unique way to gather in a special setting. There’s no need to say more: the images speak for themselves!


    Open-air company dinner.


    A large open-air dinner in the middle of the Masia Ribas wood was just what this prestigious law firm wanted for one of their celebrations. Service was organized in spectacular buffet style in the middle of this natural setting with rustically styled tables. The pergola featured a fantastic chill-out area to have a laid-back drink after dinner. The magnificent setting of Masia Ribas brought a more easy-going feeling to this serious international convention.


    Unique company events


    This delicate, exquisite brand of perfumes chose Masia Ribas as the venue to launch their new fragrance. A carefully planned event featuring prestigious chef Jordi Roca, of Celler de Can Roca. The presentation was held in the wine cellar and afterwards dinner was served in the garden, in a very cozy setting. A night of great memories for all present.